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Flip traditional parent-teacher conferences on their head and put students in charge of the discussion.

The second round of SLC's will be held on April 5th - 7th.

Round 2 SLC Schedule

  • On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday April 5th-7th, all classes will be 30 minutes long. Students are expected to attend all classes.

  • SLCs will begin at noon each of those days. 

Student Ownership, Responsibility & Engagement

When students reflect on their experience in school, celebrate strengths, and identify areas for growth with adults who care about them, they take ownership of their learning and are more likely to stay on track. They are also more likely to care deeply about the quality of their work if they know they will be sharing it with their families.  

Family Engagement

Student-led conferences help families understand what the school values and what learning at the school looks like for their student. Parents who might avoid attending parent-teacher conferences, assuming it will be all bad news, come to student-led conferences, leading to greater family involvement and school pride.


Student-led conferences provide a window into each unique student’s experience. They are an opportunity for students to ask for the support they need, and for teachers and parents to ensure those needs are met.

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