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Meet Our Clinicians


As we start out the school year virtually, the Clinical Team at ACCE wanted to inform you that we are here to support you along this peculiar journey. While we are ALL in this TOGETHER facing this pandemic alongside of racial injustice, it's no doubt that we may incur some hurdles and hiccups, but together we will prevail.


Clinical Team


Ms. Blackwood, School Social Worker

A little about me…I have been a Baltimore City School Social Worker for 13 years. I have one college age daughter and a dog. I was born in Jamaica, raised in Canada, so I refer to myself as a “Jamadian.” 😊

Looking forward to working with you this upcoming school year and even though we will be starting off virtually, together we will make it through. I’m here to support, listen and engage with you in this unique learning environment. Remember I’m just a text, email, and a computer screen away from you….so feel free to reach out. Please note my contact information below.


Ms. Braxton, School Social Worker

Welcome to the school year 2020, a school year like no other. We are experiencing a new way of receiving instruction, and learning that which prepares us for future unexpected challenges. We encourage you to fully commit to the new normal: Social Distance Learning, and seek support to overcome difficulties that may interfere with your academic success. As a member of the clinical support team, I am here to help.

I bring a wealth of experience to ACCE Academy, including 12 years as a school social worker. As an Alumnus of Morgan State University and Howard University School of Social Work, urban social work is my passion. Listening to gospel music, traveling, relaxing by the ocean, and socializing with friends keeps me grounded. I am from a large family and educated in the city’s public school system. As a wife, mother and grandmother, family is the joy of my life.


Ms. Boykin, School Psychologist    

My name is Simone Boykin and I am one of the new School Psychologist at ACCE this year! I will be at ACCE three days a week and I am happy to join the team! I am new to Baltimore and was an intern in the district last year. A little about me, I am original from the Rochester, NY area and I have lived in four states since I graduated from high school. I enjoy bullet journaling, creating paper collages, reading science fiction, and going on hikes in my free time! I also am a big fan of the music group BTS. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and I look forward to working with all of you in the future!


Ms. Burton, School Psychologist

My name is Christina Burton, and I am a school psychologist new to the ACCE family. I’ve been working with Baltimore City Schools for the last 14 years and have worked in several schools within the district. I serve on the district’s assessment team four days per week and will serve ACCE on Wednesdays.

Now some facts about my personal life…I am married and mother to three amazing children, one son (age 11) and two daughters (ages 9 and 5). In my spare time, I help manage my son's soccer team, play co-ed soccer, take hikes, play games with my family, and spend time with family and friends.

I truly look forward to working with the students, families, and staff at ACCE!


Ms. Ganz, School Psychologist

My name is Jennifer Ganz and I am a nationally certified school psychologist. I attended East Carolina University and Towson University. This is my third year at ACCE and I love being an Eagle! For 12 years, I’ve proudly served students in Baltimore! When I’m not at ACCE, I support students at The Historic Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle. Before joining our district, I was a school psychologist in the Dominican Republic. I was also a third grade teacher for 2 years.

The best part of my job is when my dog, Charm joins me. He is a 7-yr-old retired racing greyhound who loves to attend school and visit classrooms! Charm likes to do tricks, earn treats, and be affectionate. I also have a cat named Finn, and I am a foster parent for homeless animals. Over the past few years, I’ve cared for almost 20 dogs in my home and helped them to find a family of their own. I also enjoy listening to music, singing, making things, going to the beach, trying new foods, learning, and spending time with family.

During this challenging time, I miss seeing my students and coworkers. I can’t wait to return to smiles, laughter, and learning in the building. Until then, I am here to support you virtually!


Ms. O'Grady, Support Team School Social Worker

Complete this form for immigrant student services

My name is Emma O'Grady and I am a School Social Worker with the Newcomer Support Team. This will be my 6th year as a school social worker and I have been with the Newcomer Support Team (formerly known as Newcomer Project) for the past 4 school years. This year I will be in 5 different schools providing supports to immigrant students, families, and school staff.

About me: I am originally from Brazil and I speak 3 languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish. I have been in Baltimore for 16 years now and I am proud to be a Brazicana!!! I love traveling, sewing, and this year I am forcing myself to learn how to cook. I love 80s music and I try to attend as many music concerts as possible.

I am looking forward to work with immigrant students and families this year. If you would like to refer an immigrant student for services, please fill out this quick 5 question form to send a request for consultation.


Ms. Purnell-Jones, School Social Worker

My name is DuBray Purnell-Jones and I am a School Social Worker. This will be my 6th year working with Baltimore City Public Schools, but have been a Social Worker for over 10 years. This will be my 4th year working at ACCE. Might I add, we have the best STAFF in town, who are truly driven and committed to our students and their families! I want to first acknowledge that this school year is like no other, not even last Spring! But no worries, I'm here walking this journey with you.

A Little about me: I'm a wife and mom of 2. We have 3 pet fish and 1 Dwarf Hamster, "Coco-Chanel". I love to travel, in lieu of traveling I've been exploring parks and creeks all around Maryland's Counties. My favorite food is anything seafood (crabs, crabcakes, shrimp, lobster)! My favorite color is purple.

I can't wait to work with you and your families, most of all I can't wait to see all the smiling faces!


Charm, Therapy Dog

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Hi, my name is Charm! I'm a 7-yr-old retired racing greyhound. I have lived in 4 states. I am a certified Canine Good Citizen and Project Mickey Ambassador. My favorite things include learning new tricks, helping people feel happy, eating snacks, sleeping and of course...being an ACCE Eagle!

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