English - Josiah Walker

Email: JWalker@theacceschool.org

English 1:

Period 1 - Zoom

Google Classroom Code - uoael3k

Period 3 - Zoom

Google Classroom Code - 2bqdwol ; Period 5 - Zoom

Google Classroom Code - 6xymicj


Degrees and Certifications:
- Oberlin College
- Will receive a M.Ed. from Johns Hopkins in 2022

This will be my first year teaching. I graduated college in May 2019 and worked this past year at a child care company in Belmont, California, which is about a 30-minute drive south of San Francisco. The person who made me want to become a teacher, and uncovered that teaching is my calling, was Professor Terrazas Williams. Without her, I'm not here at ACCE getting to co-teach, and learn, from Ms. Masciantonio. In my spare time, I enjoy reading non-fiction books, writing long-form essays, lifting weights, having deep conversations with my father, chowing down fried-chicken sandwiches, and listening to perspectives that challenge my belief system.