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Grading Policy

Grading Philosophy

ACCE is committed to maintaining achievement standards for all students and to providing a fair process for evaluating and reporting student progress that is understandable to students and their parents/guardians and relevant for instructional purposes. Students' grades are a reflection of mastery of content and engagement in practice. While specific procedures for grades may differ in each class, these are the general guidelines for grading at ACCE.

Assessment - 70%

Assessments are assignments that measure students’ mastery of a standard.  Assessments must also be differentiated between summative and formative types.  Formative assessments are to be conducted once a week and will equal 50% of a student’s overall grade.  Summative assessments will make up 20% of a student’s overall grade.

Engagement in Practice - 30%

Assignments that allow PRACTICE with teachers, peers, and/or independently. Students must understand that while this is a lower percentage, it is essential to prepare for assessments. This includes tasks previously referred to as homework, classwork, participation, etc.

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