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Baltimore City Public Schools COVID-19 Protocols

ALL students must be tested WEEKLY for COVID-19. Please return your student's COVID-19 Testing consent form to any teacher, administer, or member of the front desk staff.

What if my child tests positive for COVID-19 in school?

If you child tests positive after taking the in-school PCR (drool test) they will need to be picked up and remain home for 10 calendar days. They must be symptom free in order to return to school. 

Please have your student reach out to their teachers if they are feeling well enough to complete any school work. 

What if my child tests positive for COVID-19 out of school?

Parents/Guardians - please complete this form to let us know if your child tests positive for COVID-19 outside of school. You do not need to complete this if your child tests positive as a result of the school-based test. This information will only be viewed by school administrators.

Mask policy

Everyone entering the building MUST wear a face covering (preferably a surgical or KN-95) over their nose and mouth at all times.

COVID-19 Vaccine policy

While students are not required to receive their COVID vaccine in order to participate in in-person learning, vaccines are recommended by the CDC for all persons age 5 and over.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for my student?

Yes! Please click HERE to learn 10 reasons why your student should get vaccinated as soon as possible.  

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