ACCE School Family Council

ACCE is committed to including families and community partners in the decision making process for the school. We are committed this year to include more families in these processes through the School Family Council (SFC). The purpose of the SFC is to provide a space for families input on student activities, family activities, budgets, and school performance plans. We are looking for parents from every grade band to join the SFC. SFC Meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month


Upcoming Meeting Dates & Times



Principal D'Ambrosio will lead ACCE's School Family Council through the 2021 budget exploratory process. Families are invited to participate in the budget to decide what activities and programs they would like to see at ACCE for the 2021-2022 school year. Additionally, Maryland Cash Campaign will be present to share their resources for free tax preparation and about the Maryland 529 program which offers families funds to afford college or trade schools after graduation from high school. Families do not want to miss this opportunity! Raffle prizes will be offered.