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Tuesday, March 16th @ 5:30pm

ACCE is committed to including families and community partners in the decision making process for the school. We are committed this year to include more families in these processes through the School Family Council (SFC). The purpose of the SFC is to provide a space for families input on student activities, family activities, budgets, and school performance plans. We are looking for parents from every grade band to join the SFC. This month we will be discussing highlighting local community partners, discussing the YouthWorks Application, and providing an overview for our Women's History Month Celebration.

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Wednesday, March 17th

Please join us for a whole school Community Meeting with a guest speaker at 9:45am, Choice Sessions at 10:30, and a screening of Hidden Figures at 12:30.


March 18th @ 5:30pm

Join us for an evening discussion with Joylette Hylike, the daughter of famed NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson, whose story is featured in the Major Motion Picture, Hidden Figures.

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Wednesday Activities

Wednesday, March 24th

  • Whole School Community w/Guest Speaker @9:45

  • Student Showcase @ 10:30 

  • Mini-Music Festival @ 12:30 

  • Cooking Night: Puff Puffs@ 4PM 

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Thursday Activities

Thursday, March 25th

  • Women’s Symposium 

9:00 - 11:45 

  • Movie Screening @ 1PM

  • ACCE Civic Engagement

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