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Academy for College and Career Exploration

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop the skills, values, and agency required for ACCE students to succeed beyond high school.  All students at ACCE will be provided the foundational competencies and comfortability to choose the post-high school pathway that best meets their skills, interests, and passions.


By the end of 12th grade, all students at ACCE will develop positive relationships with peers, staff, and community members rooted in the five promises of the 100% Project (Commitment to Quality, Honor and Integrity, Gratitude, Contribution, and Perseverance).  Students will receive a comprehensive educational experience that prepares them with the competencies and attributes necessary for success in college and careers.  Experiences will include internship opportunities, rigorous coursework, hands-on learning, and extra-curricular activities that provide consistent exposure to college and career choices.

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Good Things

At ACCE we celebrate the Good Things. This provides us the opportunity to start every day/class/meeting with a positive mindset.  

Check out all of the good things below! 

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Mayor's Holiday Parade 

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Bea Gaddy - Community Service 

Twenty-six ACCE students assisted with Bea Gaddy's annual Thanksgiving event. Students prepared more than 60 trays of green beans, yams, and corn! Many students expressed that they learned about teamwork, and perseverance, and loved having a "hands-on experience".  This meal definitely wouldn't have happened without them! A huge thank you to Mrs. Teneka Coffey and Ms. Kursten Pickup for connecting our students to this wonderful service learning opportunity. 


Veintiséis estudiantes de ACCE ayudaron con el evento anual de Acción de Gracias de Bea Gaddy. ¡Los estudiantes prepararon más de 60 bandejas de judías verdes, ñame y maíz! Muchos estudiantes expresaron que aprendieron sobre el trabajo en equipo, la perseverancia y les encantó tener una "experiencia práctica". ¡Esta comida definitivamente no habría sucedido sin ellos! Un enorme agradecimiento a la Sra. Teneka Coffey y a la Sra. Kursten Pickup por conectar a nuestros estudiantes con esta maravillosa oportunidad de aprendizaje-servicio.

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Summer Programs @ NIH

Senior Maha Saleh spent the summer participating in a summer internship with NIH. 

In the photo, she is presenting her research on Utilizing long-read RNA-sequencing to identify novel regulators of human VSMC senescene.  


Kathiuska Vergara Aponte (class of 2023) spent the summer participating in the NIH SAILS program. In the photo, she is collaborating with her peers in the lab.  

Where will these eagles fly to next?
ACCE Class of 2023

Check out WBALTV11's coverage of the May Taste of ACCE event celebrating AAPI Heritage Month 

Contact Us

Address:  1300 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211, USA

Phone: (410) 396-7607

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