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Important Dates: November & December


Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, November 23rd - Friday, November 26th

City Schools will operate on a 1/2 day schedule on Tuesday, November 23rd and will be closed to Wednesday through Friday to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.



Monday, November 29th & Tuesday November 30th

Students will take accountability for their learning by holding their own Student Learning Conferences. School will be utilizing a 1/2 day schedule to allow for afternoon SLCs


1/2 Day

Wednesday, December 1st

December 1st will be a 1/2 day for students.


Keep ACCE safe!

Baltimore City Public Schools has a mask mandate in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you wear your mask over your nose and mouth. If you need help, Charm can show you how to correctly wear your mask!


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